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Welcome to my portfolio !
You will discover all there is to know about me and my various works, especially in 3D graphics !


...I am always looking forward learning more about the thought and creation process behind the making of video games, films, drawings !


...by new technologies : Virtual Reality first and foremost, Augmented Reality, new techniques to create photo-realistic 3D renders, and much more !


...I am always looking for new projects to be made in order to improve my skills and to always be a highly valuable asset to my team.


...but only while I am working ! I know how to be efficient, take initiatives and put my various skills in the service of my creations !

My creations

Me, briefly


Dedication, logic, teamwork

Videogames have always been the gateway to incredible worlds, they offers a large variety of possibilities and are perfect to test your skills or just relax after a long day.


Creativity, peace of mind

I find music to be the most powerful tool one can access in order to gather ideas or just to relax.


Discipline, self-improvement

I regularly go swimming, hiking, biking or just plain lift weights in order to cleanse my mind and be sure that I remain diligent in all situations.


Composure, Perseverance, Attention to details

I am fond of board games. What better way to spend a night with some long time friends than to play some games ? Painting the numerous miniatures that comes with them really is the icing on the cake, as it requires patience, imagination, and pratice to achieve astonishing results.